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About the Author

Born in the east Anglian City of Norwich, KPC Exall first discovered the thrill of football as a child and has been a supporter of his City's Football Club ever since, in the good times and the bad times.

Being a keen sport follower is not all : a mathematician by training as well as a chess enthusiast and a bit of a globetrotter, KPC Exall uses satire to describe the state of English football today.

Football Satires Trilogy

KPC Exall's football trilogy comprises "Football Mad!" , "Football Wild!" and "Football Rage!". Written as satirical plays, the books track the adventures of modern professional football in England with wit and pace.

KPC Exall wrote his Football Satires Trilogy as an antidote to existing conformist football literature, challenging the status quo and raising issues that are deliberately - or not - ignored by the Football establishment.

These plays about English professional football give life to the stereotypical characters football fans read about every day - managers, TV pundits, players, agents, club owners, governing bodies - from the fawning media, in all their formats.

KPC Exall has created different tribes of characters to express the various viewpoints of the multi faceted world of football.This range of protagonists - who in their own way - represent a frustrated fan base "grumpy Old Men" style, revenue driven networks, money hungry players, managers and agents and power thirsty officials.

The first book, "Football Mad!", is all about the fallout after England failed to qualify for the Euro 2008 championship. Everyone involved was called to account in a "Hutton style Inquiry" and blame was all around.

The second book, "Football Wild!", follows on, inspired by the credit crunch, debt pressures affecting all and sundry, a new breed of investors in  sport and - crucially the advent of the World Cup in South Africa.

"Football Rage!" completes the Football Satires Trilogy and is set after an abysmal 2010 World Cup - England's worst ever - in an atmosphere of protest and action by the proletariat to recapture their lost dreams.

Described by KPC Exall as a cross between Yes Minister,The Thick of It and Bodies, these satirical plays track the adventures of modern professional football in England and expose the "farcical world of money, power and sport".

Who Killed English Football?

Earlier work includes the first and second editions of "Who Killed English Football? : An Analysis of the State of English Football". Please see Other Football Books for more details.

All books are available to order from Authorhouse's Bookstore and well known online booksellers such as Amazon, Book Depository, FoylesWaterstones, Barnes & Noble, etc. You can also check online booksellers worldwide  on www.bookbutler.com

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